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As a Virtual Assistant, one of the main services I offer is Social Media Management. I help small business owners manage their socials. This includes organizing and scheduling future posts, ideas for content and even helping with analytics to keep track of growth.

It is a fun challenge! I like working with a business with a specific goal in mind and working with them to meet it.

The best way I can do that is by creating a Content Calendar. A content calendar is an outline of the posts for the week/month. Remember that some businesses like monthly schedules, while others like a week-by-week plan. Remember that a content calendar is a living document. As the world changes and trends change, so does the document.

Do not forget, that no matter what, you must stay true to the brand’s mission and vision.

Examples of Content Calendar


Canva Calendar template

Microsoft Doc/ Google Doc

Dos and Don’t of Content Calendars


  • Research the company and competition
  • Meet the client and discuss goals for the month or upcoming months
  • Focus on the mission and vision of the client’s company
  • Ask specific questions of the client: is the SMM creating the content? Or are they generating and scheduling the content? Expected weekly posts (2 times, 3 times, or daily)?
  • Focus on 3-4 brand pillars that posts will focus on:  The mission, Education (tips and tricks of the trade), entertainment, behind the scenes, etc.
  • Send the calendar  for approval
  • Stay organized with what is being posted and when: stories, static posts, carousels, or reels.


  • Make decisions without consulting the client
  • Post without client approval
  • Go into a discovery call without asking specific and clarifying questions
  • Jump on every trend
  • Post for the sake of posting

Social Media Tips

Why a Buyer Persona is important

When first starting it’s important to stop and think of who your buyer is. I have to admit this was a lesson I learned after working with a client for over a month. I had to stop and reassess. I asked myself the following questions: 

Who is my ideal client? 

Who are they? 

What do they do? 

How old are they? 

What are their goals?  


I considered likes, dislikes, and strengths and weaknesses professionally.

These questions helped with deciding how to best proceed when trying to sell a product or service. People refer to this as either buyer’s persona or an avatar of your ideal customer or client. 

Research. Think. Create a profile on this individual. Then proceed to think of ways that you can reach out to them. How can you best help them achieve what they wish to achieve? Focus your content on that specific audience. 

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